If I don’t believe in God, am I welcome here?

You bet. While we have deep convictions, we’re more than willing to have conversations. In addition, we are all in process…so we’ve got our own set of questions too…

What’s up with meeting in a school?

Well, for one thing, it’s available. It’s also cheaper than building, and it’s in the heart of the area we’re trying to impact. We will meet here until it no longer makes sense.

Is this a real church? With real pastors?

We ask ourselves that question at times too…but, yep. It’s legit. Formally trained pastors, and by all biblical definitions of church (and some American ones, too) we hit the mark.

It seems really casual here. Is that ok?

While we do take God and His word seriously, we’re committed to removing the obstacles that keep people from engaging with Him. It’s a casual, every day kind of feeling on purpose. You’re welcome here in your “everydayness”…because that’s where we want you to follow God – out there, every day. Not just in here.

Are you part of a denomination?

We’re a church plant from Heritage, who started as part of Great Commission Ministries and now exists as a 2,500+ suburban, diverse, non-denominational church. Heritage has been planting churches around the greater Columbus area and has fruitful associations with many evangelical churches and organizations in the Columbus area.

You started from another church, do you plan to start churches from here?

Yes. We sure hope to do that. As leaders emerge, we’d like to plant other churches. When and where? Well, we’ll find that out together…