CARE Ministry

Meals Team

Homemade meals are great!  But they are not required to be on this team…take-out and delivery are just as helpful!  This team takes dinners to help out our families that are going through a time of difficulty. We use to coordinate meal deliveries for those in need; however, each entry will have a unique code to that is needed volunteer to provide food.  Therefore if you would like to get more information about how you can help, OR if you have a need to have food delivered, please reach out to Katelyn Kasberg.

Prayer Team

Do you have a prayer need? Would you like someone to come pray for you? This team is willing to pray for needs as they are sent by email.  Sometimes it’s a one-time prayer.  Sometimes it’s an ongoing need. All prayer requests are held in strict confidence with the prayer team. Send your prayer requests to the Prayer Team.

Handyman Team

Need something fixed that you’re not able to do? Have a need to get your grass mowed? Have some general maintenance needs you’re unable to take care of yourself? We’d like to help. For more information about how to get involved or submit a request for the Handyman team to help, contact Brian Offenbacher.

Hospital Visits

Do you or someone in your family need a hospital visit? Our Pastors or Elders would love  to visit and pray for you!  Tell us about the situation here.

For more information regarding the CARE Ministries at northchurch, contact Katelyn Kasberg.