Going into the world with the message of Christ.

Community Impact—Invest and Invite

We want to be on mission at home, in our neighborhoods, just like we are around
the world. We want to be known in the community as people who do good, helpful
stuff…but who, ultimately, reflects Jesus. Not weird stuff that alienates or hurts people,
but stuff that makes people think and rethink what it means to have a life shaped around
Jesus. Like listening well to a neighbor who is going through marital issues or coming
along side a friend who is battling an illness. We want to be out in our communities
actively bringing Hope to those around us.

Local Missions—Go to the Least, Last, and Lost

We are targeting Delaware and Columbus with this. It’s a big target and we will not hit
everyone…but we choose to partner with other churches and organizations to actively
help the least, last, and lost in the areas around us. Whether it’s bringing food to those
who need it, fixing up a house, helping women find support during challenging life
circumstances, or walking alongside a family to a better reality…we want to embody the
hope Jesus brings.

Here’s a high-level look at people/projects we partner with:

  • The Open Tabe food pantry (run out of Grace Point Community Church)
  • The Inn at Olentangy Trail
  • Christmas In April
  • People In Need
  • The CORE Center of Delaware County

Global Missions— Focusing on Unreached People Groups

Isn’t it amazing to think that there are still many places in the world where people
don’t know about Jesus? In a world where iPhones and Blackberrys give us access to
abundant information in a few seconds, there are still millions of people who don’t have
that option—and don’t have any reality of Jesus in their lives.
We take global trips to more “reached” areas of the world that will move us toward being
involved with “unreached” areas. We also financially support men and women involved
in areas of the world where the gospel is not.

Trips for 2014:

  • South Africa (Adam Bradshaw and Brian Johnson) — March 6th-16th
  • El Salvador (team one) — June 7th-14th
  • El Salvador (team two) — June 14th-21st

Areas we support missionaries and Christ-centered organizations: Fiji, South Africa, Guatemala, Cambodia