Growing the next generation in their personal faith.

MIDDLE SCHOOL (6th-8th grades)

Sunday AM
Middle schoolers meet every Sunday morning following worship. After the first set of songs with their families, they are invited to join their own middle school class.  This time is designed to communicate the truth of who Jesus is to students in a way that is meaningful and meets them where they are developmentally and spiritually.

Monthly events create a place for students to connect and build relationships with each other as well as bring friends.  This time is meant for students to have fun, provide them a place that they can connect and build friendships, and also let students know that they are known and loved.

Contact Vinnie Posteraro with question related to Middle School.

HIGH SCHOOL (9th-12th grades)

High School Life Group
Bringing high school kids together to a space where they can feel safe and just be themselves as they engage in discussion about life and faith in Jesus. Weekly meetings at a student’s home.

Our vision is that our high school students would demonstrate their faith in Jesus through serving our church and community, giving to those in need, and being hospitable and welcoming to others.

Our high school ministry also hosts events designed to connect students, build relationships & community, and invite friends.

Contact Dave and Leah Sadlon or Vinnie Posteraro to learn more.

Young Life
northchurch strongly encourages high school students to jump into any of the Young Life meetings in the area.  They have weekly club and campaigner meetings that serve all the high schools in our area.

  • Club: High energy gathering with loud songs, fun & engaging games, and hilarious skits where students hear about who Jesus is, and bring friends.
  • Campaigners: A more in depth look at Jesus and teachings from the Bible, and how they are relevant to HS students’ lives.
  • Camp: A week long summer trip designed to allow students to get away from the struggles and pressures of high school & give students the opportunity begin a relationship with Jesus.

PARENTS (of 6th-12th grades)

We highly value parents and partnering with parents to provide our students with the best events possible and to help our students grow in their faith. Please let us know how we can partner & serve you and your student.